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Marinas Yachting facilities, mainly for the provision of places of a docked yacht and supplying water and electricity.Marina structure has a main channel hinged bridge, wharf, port channel, fixture, mooring devices, hydroelectric installations, the anticollision facilities and so on.A qualified yacht should both inside and outside, has the safety and stability of the internal structure, exterior constructed beautiful humanity.Central Asia is one of China's enterprises built earlier in the Marina, is committed to providing each and every customer to create practical and aesthetically pleasing Marina.


Product name: pontoon (blue)

A detailed description

Material: high molecular weight high density polyethylene (HMWHDPE)

Size: 500*500*400mm (l * w * h)

Deadweight: 7kg ± 0.2kg

Capacity: ≤ 350kg/square meters

Most commonly used specification, express installation, a wide range of uses

Available colors: blue, Orange, grey, black, Brown, yellow (other colors can be customized as needed)

Combination of modular floating platform also known as floating pontoons, a Secretary for the introduction of foreign technology to develop and produce products through Zhejiang plastic products quality inspection Center for testing, quality and pollution-free, consistent with national environmental standards.Designed by professional designers, construction professionals with the ranks of the construction of water projects series.The product has been widely applied in the construction of docks, floating bridge, Aqua Leisure platform, on stage, water pools, restaurant on water, water bungalows, water project in a series of construction.Also a variety of water recreation facilities, water entertainment equipment and water park of choice for equipment and other related products.